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How to Start an Online Business? – Discover My True but Frightening Story to Internet Success – Grab Your 30 Days to Internet Success Blueprint…

How to Start an Online Business Coaching ProgramAre you really frustrated seeing your progress online? Do you keep hunting for more information on how to start an online business? If yes, it’s not your fault & you’re not alone. Do you want to know my true story as to what I did to start internet business, how I faced massive difficulties and finally cracked the internet code?

If yes, this website will show you exactly what I did to start internet business and how you can follow my path to become wildly successful online.

"Start Your Internet Business Using My Amazing 23 Block Formula..."
23 block formula cracked code report.

Discover the exact 23 steps that I have personally used since last 7 years to build my online business from scratch. This same formula has helped me build a list of thousands of subscribers, build strong long lasting relationship with them & sell them my products & services... You will also receive a process map that I put in front of me while I build a brand new online business... To learn more watch my video...

- And yes, if you have any questions after reading this report I will also provide you a free coaching session, this gift is alone worth $97...

You'll also receive my 3 step daily plan video & 30 day blueprint email course...

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Hello friends, my name is Murtuza Abbas and I am 29 years old living in India…

I have created few videos that will help you tremendously in getting started with your online business. I will focus in creating couple of videos every month and post them right here  in this videos section, make sure to check out this section on regular basis. These videos will show you how to setup the right mindset to achieve internet success, how to create profitable systems & how I convert my clients website into a traffic and conversion machine. These are just few tactics you will discover by watching my videos. Watch them right here…

Discover how to start an internet business step by step watching these videos.

Discover how I setup a successful blog from scratch. This was a live demonstration I did for my coaching clients when I was building this blog. I am sure you will gain tremendous confidence when you check out my results I achieved in the first 2 months.

Read this page & you will discover how I started small business website, failed massively my first 5 years and what I learned to set up a wildly successful online business.

You will discover startup home ebiz ideas where I will take you step by step for the next 30 days and show you how starting online businesses can be made quick and easy.

At the end of this page I have included links to my 30 days training, go through this training and you will have a better understanding as to how to start an internet business easily.

“How to Start an Online Business? Here’s My True but Frightening Story…”

Internet marketing is very new in India where I live.

When someone asks me what I do to earn a living I tell them that I work from home on the internet.

They get surprised. Most of my friends and relatives are actually confused when I tell them about my work.

They are surprised how some one can actually make an income in dollars working from home in India and how someone can start internet business and make a living online easily.

Most of the time they tell me about their boring job and how they are frustrated travelling for hours every day.

They really appreciate me that I work from the comfort of my home and how much fun it would be if they could do the same.

The fact is that they don’t know my story as what I did to start internet business. You will discover exactly what I did to start internet business and how you can follow my foot steps step by step.

If you are willing to start internet business you have come to the right place. I am serious when I say this.

It was never easy for me. I used to do a job before 7 years. The job was 8 hours long and on top of that I had to travel in train for another 3 hours.

When I was back home I used to have my dinner and sit on my laptop at 11 pm at night and keep reading all the sales letters and articles till 2 am.

I tried out all the possible ways that could help me to make a living online. Right from ad typing jobs, online surveys, article writing, posting ads, rolling banners, traffic exchanges, reading emails for cash, etc.

I failed miserably my first 3 years online from 2004 to 2007 when I first attempted to start internet business. I was literally swimming in information overload. I had read over hundred ebooks and purchased thousands of dollars worth of information products that showed me how to start internet business. I just went crazy over this.

I was stressed out and this stress was giving me severe health related problems. Stress issues such as severe chest pain that was giving me an indication of a probable heart attack where I had to consult a cardiologist to get out of this trauma. I used to have this at a tender age of 18.

In 2004 I got a hosting space from one of my friends and created my first website to start internet business.

It took me 6 months to design my website and put a 50 page content site. Yeah, 6 months…

When I launched it and waited for Mr. Google to give me some traffic & dollars, he never arrived. I was shocked.

I swallowed this pain and launched my second website avoiding the mistakes I made in my first website.

It made me my first $24.95. I was in tears when I received a check from ‘Regsoft’ in my mail box.

That was my first victory on the internet which gave me confidence that I can start internet business and finally I can do it. One of the biggest reasons of my success was that I spend considerable amount of time tuning my mindset to achieve massive internet success…

I got motivated. I picked up PLR rights to a $197 video training package. Set up my third website and finally converted this $197 investment into $20k using unique twists and tricks.

Disclaimer: Am I saying you will get the same results? Obviously not.

I don’t know whether you will get out from your bed tomorrow, watch my videos & training on this website and take massive action.

I don’t know whether you will actually use my instructions and plan. I don’t know your working habits and work ethics.

There is no way I can guarantee you any income or results whatsoever.

I cannot guarantee your income as to how much you will earn from my training.

And the truth is that those who guarantee you any income are just misleading you to grab your money.

I’ll show you what I have done and how I can help you to get started with your online business.

You can make nothing or a million dollars, it solely depends upon the efforts you put in and how you use the training I provide you.

You can read my earnings disclaimers and all the legal docs right here…

Why am I telling you all this?…

“I want to make you aware of some HUGE mistakes I have made in my life while I attempted to start internet business…”

If you avoid them you will be way ahead from the crowd who are addicted to failures…

Mistake 1 – Stop reading ebooks and information products that will show you how to start internet business.

They will confuse you and you will pile up more information overload in your head.

Instead get a coach whom you trust and will actually hold your hands and get you started.

You will literally achieve things in weeks that might take you years.

It took me 3 years to have my first website up and ready. My clients get their first website up and ready in their niche in the first week itself.

There are short cuts in life, your coach will know the tricks and tactics to get you started super fast.

Mistake 2 – Start internet business quickly.

I have seen newbies taking years to get started.

Do you want to know the secret to online success?

Start your internet business within one week.

Start your marketing next week. Promote your site like crazy. If it is not giving you great results flush it off and go with the second niche immediately. Or tweak your campaign super fast and test it once again.

You just cannot take years to get started with your first website and then take another year to evaluate whether it will be a success or failure.

Mistake 3 – Strengthen your focus before you start internet business.

Here’s the statement I have picked up from ‘Think & Grow Rich‘ by Napoleon Hills…

Have a burning desire to achieve one major definite purpose…

I have created a complete internet success mindset training for you that will show you my personal system that I have used to tune up my mindset to achieve massive success on internet.

Focus on one niche. Be the best in it. Be an authority in your niche. Take it till the end.

I don’t like focusing in 100 niches at a time and building small sites around them selling affiliate products. I believe in having a 10,000 page site in one niche. Have 100 products in that niche.

Be the best coach in my niche where people would love to pay me upto $10k to learn from me.

That must be your focus…

“So here’s what I want you to do today before you attempt to start internet business…”

* Get started with your website in your niche in next 7 days. If you don’t know how to do this email me and I will show you the plan.

* Make a commitment to start quickly, fail fast and select your one major definite purpose.

Yes, select that one niche where you will give your best.

* Set up your action plan and work hard. Yes, you will have to work hard to achieve success if you are planning to start internet business.

There are no short cuts, no get rich quick schemes and no overnight millionaire schemes.

However, I thought of telling you something more about my self and what did I exactly do to attract $20k.

I had one of my subscribers who asked me what kind of PLR product I had purchased for $197 and what did I do to convert it into $20k profits.

Here’s my answer…

- I had purchased a super cool video training package from an internet marketer.

Back in 2007 he had released over a dozen video training products with great content relating to ‘start internet business’ niche.

I loved the content. I approached him and asked him to get rights to all his packages.

We finalized a deal and I paid him 197 bucks.

I had over a dozen video packages with hundreds of hours of videos lying on my hard drive.

I was confused as to how should I sell them. I had to recover my cost, $197 was a BIG investment for me at the age of 18 where I was completely broke for years trying out all types of crazy stuff online.

Here’s the first thing I decided to do.

I converted all these videos into a physical package. I approached a designer and created CD cover images. I burned all these videos into 2 DVD’s, stuck the CD images on them and packaged them into a quality product.

I purchased one super cool copywriting software and created my sales copy for this physical package.

I priced this physical product for $197…

- Here’s something shocking that I decided to do. I decided to give away this package for FREE.

Haha, sounds crazy, isn’t it??

I decided to create one product where I charged my clients $127 and gave them an entire online business where I set up their squeeze pages, website design, follow up emails and gave them one resell right product that they could sell.

With this package they had an online business up and ready within 7 days with every thing in place.

I decided to give this $197 physical video training package with hundreds of super high quality videos for FREE along with the $127 internet business set up package.

It costed me around $20 to ship this package as I am from India. Domain name and set up costed me another $30. This left me with $77 profits.

I plugged in this entire campaign and started writing and submitting articles like crazy. I wrote over 400 articles to promote this campaign.

This literally went over and made me $20k in profits. I even launched a monthly membership site that contributed to this income.

“Did you see how easy it is to start internet business if you give some thought? Thoughts for the day…”

1. Don’t waste your PLR products. Think creative and do something with them. You can easily start internet business in a brand new niche selling private label right products if you know what to do with them.

2. Don’t try to learn copywriting. There are copy paste templates from experts that you can use to have your own copy ready within few hours.

Don’t use the same templates, salesletters, emails, etc that you get from your PLR product. Be unique while you start internet business and invest few hours to create your own marketing materials.

3. Article writing and submission is powerful.

Write and submit articles every day. This will keep the traffic rolling in. The most important step to start internet business is to make sure that you spend 70% of your time writing and submitting articles in your niche as this will keep the traffic and sales rolling in.

4. Build a list and build strong relationship with your subscribers. If you do this they will trust you and purchase your products. You can see me doing the same thing… Right??

The above plan is just the tip of the iceberg…

I have created a simple step by step 30 days training that will show you exactly for next 30 days how you can get started with your own wildly profitable internet business…


“Read this 30 Days Internet Success Blueprint – Take Massive Action on this Blueprint & Finally Succeed Online…”


Day 1 – How to start an internet business? If this is the question you have been asking, you’ve come to the right place.

Day 2 – What if you learned how to start home internet business and boost your online profits right through the roof starting step by step?

Day 3 - To start a internet business you must know the reason why successful websites succeed. Here’s the reason.

Day 4 - To start your own internet business you have to learn from the experiences of successful people online. Read what I have learned since last 7 years on the internet.

Day 5 - To start internet based business you must make sure to get the right mindset formula working for you.

Day 6 - To start up internet business I will show you how to create a powerful mindset today.

Day 7 - How to start internet home business using a simple step by step formula exposed right here?

Day 8 - To start an internet business from home make sure to use this solid online business model.

Day 9 - How to start your internet business to boost your online profits right through the roof?

Day 10 - What internet business should I start? Get started using this simple 5 block formula.

Day 11 - How to start internet business for free using the power of blogging?

Day 12 - One of the best internet business to start is to automate your entire website using these powerful softwares.

Day 13 - How did I start my own internet business? Use this formula right now.

Day 14 - This simple 4 step start up internet business plan can skyrocket your website sales conversion rate.

Day 15 - How to start own internet business using this simple traffic and sales formula?

Day 16 - Your internet start up business requires this 7 step article traffic plan.

Day 17 - How to start home based internet business and drive massive traffic to your website using 5 simple steps?

Day 18 - Starting your own internet business made easy using this simple 5 block formula.

Day 19 - Use this traffic machine to setup your best home based internet business.

Day 20 - Want to set up a legitimate internet business? Use this 4 step formula to boost your website sales.

Day 21 - These simple home internet business ideas will boost your online profits right through the roof.

Day 22 - A simple easy online business formula to get all the free traffic in the world.

Day 23 - How to set up internet business using the power of testing and tracking?

Day 24 - To start a home internet business and make big money online make sure you use these 4 simple steps.

Day 25 - How to build an internet business using a simple 3 step system?

Day 26 - I want to start an internet business. Is this what you desire? Here’s how to spend your time daily.

Day 27 - I want to start my own internet business. Use this bullet proof conversion tactics today.

Day 28 - What is a good internet business to start? How to get started using a simple but powerful blueprint today.

Day 29 - What is the best internet business to start? Step by step formula to setup a coaching business.

Day 30 - Start a home based business on the internet using the massive power of private label right products.


“Spread the Word Out…”

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10 Responses to How to Start an Online Business? – Discover My True but Frightening Story to Internet Success – Grab Your 30 Days to Internet Success Blueprint…

  • Meghna Virmani says:

    “Read this 30 Days Internet Success Blueprint – Take Massive Action on this Blueprint & Finally Succeed Online…”
    Are you really sure If I follow these 30 days steps then I will be success for sure? Will you take guarantee for the same?

  • Soney Rawat says:

    If I take help from your stated guidelines and move as per the video and text tutorial given by you, is it capable of working on any of the internet business niches? And is freelancing included in any successful online business niches?

  • Archit Negi says:

    Hi, focusing on 100s of niches is not advisable as you said. But what if a person is not able to decide what niche to choose? Can two niches be focus all together at the same time otherwise how to choose?

  • Megha Verma says:

    Can you explain, Do the information received from any relevant eBook be as same as a video tutorial from a specific mentor? Other than reading multiple eBooks from various authors, can a single eBook ever be sufficient, for instance an eBook of your plan?

  • Surbhi Goyal says:

    Can you please reply me after setting up an online business venture as per the mentioned guidelines and points, and taking it to good heights, can the working hours be reduced? Moreover, can the business earn for the owner after sometime with no time devotion?

  • Akash Roy says:

    Do you really think that explained tutorials and videos are equally helpful for the people associated with affiliated marketing? After having some experience in online affiliate marketing, can these videos help me in starting my own online affiliate marketing program as well or not?

  • Vartika shah says:

    What should be the estimated time in which the plan should be executed and finished? What if it is extended by some reason or the other? Will it affect the profits in the long term results? If yes then how?

  • vikram pundir says:

    I went through your videos and loved the way you explained. But what if I go wrong with any step? What if the mistake is not capable enough of being corrected? Should I start all over again? Please help with your valuable comments!

  • pooja bhatt says:

    I have been going through the videos and they are really helpful to me. Thanks for sharing these interesting and innovative planning steps with us and making us a part of your very own success. They are really very helpful. Thanks a lot!

  • bahar kocher says:

    The plan is good option for those who are looking for a free online business options. You have also written about the article and blog writing thing, are they also free of cost? Or is there any place where I can get them written?

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