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1021 visitors in last 30 days using brand new system…

If you have been following me for a while
and if you have been my coaching client
you might be aware that I had launched
my website…

…last year. Before 6 months I had
setup a formula to drive in free organic
traffic to my website and I started taking
little bit of action to test this brand new
traffic system.

It was a tough time initially as the niche
I was targeting was ‘internet marketing’
which is one of the most HIGHLY COMPETITIVE
niche’s online.

Now that it is 6 months I have been using
this system consistently and my site has
crossed 1000 unique visitors from
18th March to 17th April 2013. Here’s the
screenshot of google analytics…

Here’s something more exciting. My site
is now ranking for over 547 unique highly
targeted keywords in my niche, check this

In 2013 alone, that is in last 3.5 months
my site has received traffic from 547 keywords
from Google and other search engines.

The top keyword for which I am ranked on page
one in that is ‘online business’
has alone given me over 1310 visitors.

With all these PANDA, PENGUIN and different
kind of slaps that other sites are getting
from Google my site is growing
stronger day by day.

This is just the start. Within next
3 months I am scaling up this system by
3 times and I predict to reach my goal
of 5000 visitors per month by end of
August 2013.

What is this brand new traffic formula I am
talking about. Reply back to the email I have
send you and I will give you a brief overview of what
I have done.

I have created a brand new email campaign
where I have loaded powerful content, videos
and articles on my website which I will start
sending you after a day or two. You will receive
one powerful piece of information every day
and I bet if you read and take action on the
information that I will send you, you will be leaps
ahead from the crowd that are struggling all
day and running behind all BS’s that never
make them a dime.

I will show you how real world online business
works, struggles that you will face while
building your internet business and what
you should be doing to build your ebiz
on a solid foundation from day one.

Wish you all the very best and success and
I will be in touch soon…


To your online success,



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